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Feb 27 , 2018 Update for new products and web site has been redesigned.

Dear Esteemed Customers
I deeply apologize for the extended delay associated with the updates to our website.

Please chlick here

We are sorry for the late updates on our English website! Thank you for your patience.
*For those who saw our Japanese website and placed an order, thank you very much…

New body【A.I.doll EvolutionⅡ】
We released “A.I.doll Evolution II”, the upgraded version of our long-time popular model, AIdoll Evolution.
A.I.doll Evolution II is a perfectly ideal body, which looks beautiful from any angles, like a super model in the magazine with gorgeous breasts and perfect muscle tone in her thigh and hip area. Her 164cm body matches modern average women’s height which gives you a realistic presence. Inner structure has been further improved from the previous model and she is capable of making standing poses (requires three supporting points, both feet and back or hip).
A.I.doll EvolutionⅡ Detail here →

New body【Sweetie】
The” Sweetie” body is made utilizing original 4woods silicone molding technology. This process results in a doll with skin so soft that it is unlike anything you have ever felt before. The bust and hips present the naturally soft feel of feminine contours and curves.
Sweetie detail here →

New head【Kaori・Nana」・Marina】
Kaori is a bit shy and quiet character which makes you want to rule her. She is sweet and innocent. Her lips are unprotected and her eyes need your attention. Please enjoy sharing your passion with her. She is modeled after typical Asian girl next door with kind and warm presence.
Kaori Gallery here →

Nana is modeled after a women that is like a pretty flower with beautiful scent. She makes you want to softly lean on her.
Nana Gallery here →

Marina is imaged after a half Asian and half Caucasian female with sexy slant eyes. Her cool eyes can see through what you are thinking. She is going to be your queen and even a venus.
Marina Gallery here →

Oral capable heads【ANNA-oral-・Elle-oral-】
They are our very first oral capable heads.
They uses a new attachment mechanism and are compatible with any bodies after release of AINEOim body.

Mouth depth is 12cm and its soft lips give you an erotic sensation. *Aggressive handling may cause damage to silicone skin. These heads are made with a different attachment mechanism and have deep enough depth for most people, however, it depends on individuals and how he handles the doll. Please be advised that we are not liable for any damages.

Anna-oral is an oral capable head with sexy closed eyes. Her kind face can relax you and accompany you as a sleeping head as well.
Anna-oral Gallery here →

Elle-oral is an oral version of our popular Elle head. Enjoy the thrill while she stares at you with her lovely cute eyes. Since her mouth is slightly more closed than Anna, enjoy inserting into her mouth slowly and softly.
Elle-oral Gallery here →

The reason we delayed release of these models to overseas market is because we wanted to first test our new trials, accumulate enough experience and finally release them with a confidence. Therefore, we are offering each model for the following special price from today to April 30 , 2018.

Special discount price

Please take advantage of this great offer and purchase our new model.


Feb 16 , 2018 About website update

Dear Esteemed Customers.

We will change the website design from February 19th.
So from February 19th we will not be able to see the website for a while.
Please understand.

We have already renewed our Japanese website.
The website update will be completed in about a week.



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