Company History


4woods was established in 2002 as a second company to manufacture life size silicone love dolls.
Since then, we have been creating various love dolls to meet current trends and customers’ needs such as young girl, non-Japanese type, fantasy type etc.
With many product developments (doll skin softness, options, makeup types etc.) our customers have been able to select their own ideal doll.

“We want to offer love dolls many customers want.” This is 4woods motto, dedicated for love dolls only.


A.I.doll EvolutionⅡ body released Sweetie body released Nana, Marina, Kaori, Elle-oral- and Anna-oral- head released
2016-1 2017-3 2017-10 2017-1 2017-2 2017-7 2016-4 2016-5


Official twitter and instagram start.
2017-1 2017-2


Sleeping Elle, Nina, head released Started offering new nipple color, Tongue (for limited head only) in option
2016-2 2016-3 2016-6 2016-7


CC body released Chisato, Asami, winking Asami and Elle head released Started offering Freckle makeup in option
2015-1 2015-4 2015-5 2015-6 2015-7 2015-8


A.I.doll Allure released Mistuki, Sleeping Mitsuki and Sonia heads released New color “Pure” added 4woods USA office launched Discontinued Alicia and Mia heads
2014-1 2014-2 2014-3 2014-4 2014-5 2014-6


New Brand Naughty Dolls start Released A.I.doll EX body Released Sayo, Sayo-drowsy-, Lissa and Hitomi heads Started offering Sexy makeup and Glitter Makeup in option Started offering Natural makeup for all head Started offering Soft Face option Added more colors, nipple color and eye color Discontinued A.I.Peach New Edition body Discontinued Kaon, Kurumi, Akari, Yurio, Neu and Ally heads
2013-1 2013-2 2013-3 2013-4 2013-5 2013-6 2013-7 2013-8 2013-9


Released NEO-J/im and A.I.doll S-plus body Released Hikaru, Manami, Michelle and Yurica heads Started offering two options of costumes (cute devil and school uniform) for NEO-J/im’s complementary gift Opened a new showroom Started offering nail art option for feet
2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 2012-4 2012-5 2012-6 2012-7 2012-8


Release Nonoca and Sarina heads Improved skin softness Started offering soft stomach option Added more accessory options Opened a factory in Lyon, France
2011-1 2011-2 2011-3 2011-4 2011-5


Released A.I.NEO im body Released Sleeping Lilica, Alicia, Coron and Hatsuki heads Started offering more options: areola size, nipple color, vagina color, finger wire Released Real Hole Cap Started offering a new Original Hole option, bump hole Discontinued Mitsumi, Naomi, Chris and Sayoko heads
2010-1 2010-2 2010-3 2010-4 2010-5 2010-6 2010-7 2010-8


Released renewed A.I.Peach New Edition body Released Elina, Akari, Lilica heads Started offering nail art option Started offering custom made makeup Started offering two different types of Original Hole Started offering various doll accessories: costumes, jewelries, shoes, lotion, hole, head base, wigs Started offering two options of costumes (cute devil and fairy) for NEO-J’s complementary gift Opened Exclusive Gallery
2009-1 2009-2 2009-3 2009-4 2009-5 2009-6 2009-7 2009-8


Released A.I.Peach and A.I.doll Evolution body Released Ally, Kaon, Kaon kiss Head, Kurumi and Mia heads Started offering more options: nails, hair implants, colors Started offering additional makeup style (3 different styles), natural makeup became available Improved doll’s range of motion Participated in Adult Expo 2008
2008-1 2008-2 2008-3 2008-4 2008-5 2008-6 2008-7 2008-8


Released Naomi head Started offering three different body colors Participated in Adult Treasure Expo 2007 Opened a new showroom Started offering cute devil costume as a complementary gift for NEO-J Stared offering body paint option
2007-1 2007-2 2007-3 2007-4 2007-5 2007-6


Release NEO-J body Released Natsuki, Kunika, Sayoko, Chris, Haruhi and Neu heads Completed Original Hole Improved softness of dolls’ breasts Discontinued A.I.sisters body Discontinued Tokino and Chiyori heads
2006-1 2006-2 2006-3 2006-4 2006-5 2006-6 2006-7 2006-8


Released A.I.NEO body Released Chiyori and Yu-ki heads Started offering two different body colors Opened a sales office in EU Opened sculpture art seminar Discontinued Kunika head
2005-1 2005-2 2005-3 2005-4


Released A.I.sisters body Released Mitsumi, Tokino, Yurio and Climax Face heads
2004-1 2004-2 2004-3 2004-4 2004-5 2004-6


Released A.I.doll body series Released Kunika and Sleeping Kunika
2003-1 2003-2 2003-3


4woods Ltd. was established.

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