Sweetie Detail



This love body looks beautiful and erotic from any angles. It offers mature body lines which was designed with our advanced silicone technology.
There are so many love dolls out there that are hard to hold, but our silicone technology will never disappoint your expectation.


movie●Light weight torso type (only 35lbs/16kg), easy to handle
●Perfect for virtual reality play
●Skin is softer than actual human skin. You will want to keep touching. You can enjoy grabbing both breasts and buttock.
●Ideal erotic body line with very detailed body design Easy to hold, feels great. You can try different positions!
●More economical compared to full body type dolls
●Comes with realistic vagina and easy-to-apply inserts, our newly developed system.
Will not it be such a staircase?→

Body size

Height(No head):68cm

Sweetie Details

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