For those who are new to love dolls

For customers who are new to love dolls or 4woods, please see these pages.

Q & A for new customers

(1) What is 4woods?(2) What does 4woods sell?(3) What are our selling points?(4) Size, weight, material
(5) What are dolls capable of doing?(6) Order process(7) How do I order?(8) I want to see the dolls!


(1) What is 4woods?

Simply explained, 4woods is a company which was established in 2002 and has been developing, manufacturing and selling “life-size silicone dolls.”
4woods has its fans not only in Japan but also in many countries in the world.   Company History→


(2) What does 4woods sell?

We sell life-size silicone dolls (body and head) and doll accessories to enjoy using with your doll (such as costumes, lingerie and jewelries).
If you cannot purchase a full doll set (body and head) now, you can still purchase only head or doll accessories.
You can see available products and price on our order form→


(3) What are our selling points?

Our main goal is to make dolls that are truly loved by our customers.
Based on this idea, we continue developing products that meet our customers’ needs and current trends.

Detailed and realistic design

Because you get really close to your doll, not just overall appearance, we design our dolls to look very realistic in every detail.

Click here for details

Amazingly soft skin

We pursue “softness” which makes our customers to keep feeling their doll all time time.

Click here for details

Customizable orders to make your,
dream come true

We offer a wide variety of options and customizations which enable to make your “ultimate” doll.

Click here for details


(4) Size, weight, material

【Size weight】
Our dolls are approximately the same size as regular female, and weight is about the half.  See detailed body specifications.→

Our love dolls are made with our company original blend of medical grade silicone. Check out the softness of our silicone skin. →
Our uniquely designed skeletons are durable and capable of making flexible poses.


(5) What are 4woods dolls capable of doing?

As our dolls’ skeletons are designed based on real human structure, they are capable of making various poses (sleeping, sitting, standing etc.)
*Some body types are not able to stand.  Dolls Gallery→


(6) Order process

All our dolls are made to order. Delivery time varies depending on the seasons, however, our average lead time is approximately 25 to 70 day after payment is received. (We inform you what is the approximate delivery time is after order is received.)  Click here for details→


(7) How do I order?

You can order through the order from on our website (we also have a mobile website for smart phones.) You can order via phone or fax as well.
Of course, you can place your order when you visit our showroom. If you have any questions, concerns or requests for your order, please feel free to contact us.


(8) I want to see the dolls!

You can see 4woods dolls’ photos on “Gallery” page and videos on “Movie” page. You can check out our dolls’ various attractive poses and expressions from many different angles. If you would like to see our actual dolls, we also have a showroom (by appointment only).
You can see the actual life-size silicone dolls right in front of your eyes and touch them while considering your purchase.

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