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Order Form

We are unable to process the order unless you press submit button even after you fill out all the information.
Therefore, you can use the order form to simulate your order in order to check the total amount or to see what type of options are available.
*Order Form adopts a SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) coding communication method.

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How to Order

The notes regarding order

Please read at first our notice required by the law of mail order, and proceed to send email for your order to our email address:order@4woods.jp Make sure that it includes your name, mailing address, phone number and email address, and also add your comments if any.
We will send you receipt confirmation of your order by email.
We also accept your order by fax or over the phone. Please let us know your information mentioned above. We will contact you for confirmation of your order.


manufacture and seller name4woods,Inc.
Main office & Factory & Showroom : 1-5-31,Hatanaka,Niiza-shi,Saitama-ken,3520012,Japan
2nd office:2-14-5-314,Nishiki,Nerima-ku,Tokyo1790082,JAPAN
Contact Tel & FAX : {81-48-481-0850 e-mail : info@4woods.jp

Payment will be full amount of one time advance wire transfer payment.
*Once receive your order we will send you a receipt of confirmation mail.
After you receive and check our confirmation e-mail please make a wire transfer within 10days.
*If you have any inconveniences please ask for consult.
The delivery date will be 30 to 70days after we confirm with your payment because of full custom order.
Once we are ready to ship 4woods will contact you by e-mail or etc.

4woods will confirm with you for delivery date and ship to address. Address for Wire Transfer please wire transfer at:
KABUSIKIGAISYA 4woods(4woods Co.,Ltd)
●BANK of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ(Swift CODE:BOTKJPJT)
Yotsuya-Santyoume BRANCH
SAVING 3939203
KABUSIKIGAISYA 4woods(4woods Co.,Ltd)

Return Policy:
If you have any accident or broken damage during delivery please contact us within 3days after delivery.
Once you confirm with us we will inform you ship to address for exchange damaged doll. (The Return policy will be exchange only)
The cardboard case for packing is not this limit. Our exchange policy can not be taken any except above reasons.

Please note before placing an order:
●Because our dolls are made-to-order, we do not accept any order cancellation for any reasons; this includes cancellation during/after production. We do not give any refund for orders that have been already placed.

●Due to the nature of our products, each doll may slightly vary from others. Please be advised that we may change part of specifications without advance notice.

●Our life-size silicone dolls are hand-made products that offer very soft touch and movable joints by using a special technology.
We do pay close attentions to every area of our products and manufacture them just as shown on our website.
However, there may be times some small repair marks may occur. We hope that you take it into a consideration when placing an order.

●For customers who are excessively bothered by small scratches, we do not recommend to purchase our products.

●Silicone dolls’ skin is fragile than human’s skin and requires appropriate care. If you treat it gently without handling it aggressively, you can enjoy it for a long time.
Once you receive your doll, please read the attached user manual and learn how to handle your doll properly. * If you have any questions, please contact us any time. * Currently we offer repair service only in Japan (4woods Japan) and France (Doll Story) for large damages such as broken bone or large crack.

●Silicone which makes up dolls; skin is a slightly sticky type of material. Before delivering dolls to customers, we clean their body and apply powder to create a silky feel.
However, over time powder will be removed slowly and start to give a sticky feel. In such case, please apply the powder that was included in the box with your doll to recreate a silky feel.
Silicone does not get deteriorated by water or ethanol (cleaning), however, after cleaning, powder will be removed. Please apply powder each time after cleaning. Powdered skin gives you a very nice feel and does not pick up dirt or dust. In other words, in order to enjoy your doll for a long time, it is necessary to have a regular maintenance.

●Inside dolls, there is a skeleton which creates human-like poses. At the time of production, we adjust the skeleton with appropriate tension for customers to be able to move it. This skeleton is also made with various artifices so that it does not get loose easily.
However, please be advised that due to metal fatigue, wear and tear from pressure or countless movements, or aging, joints tension becomes weaker over time.
Especially for AIdoll EX dolls, in order to maintain standing pose, tension for hip, knee and ankle joints are made harder than other models. However, due to the above factors, if joints become loose, please understand that it may not be able to keep standing pose any longer. We do not guarantee “standing feature” will last forever.
* Please make sure to follow the user manual for AIdoll EX in order to move its joints.
* AIdoll EX does not stand only on two feet. It requires three points (both feet and one more point, such as hip, back, arm). It will fall if you try to stand it on their feet alone. Please do not do this.

●Our company has done a “standing pose” test for AIdoll EX doll in a duration of 6 months and confirmed that silicone on the bottom of its feet and joints are durable enough. However, while stored at your home, there may be a possibility doll might fall because of sudden “shake” so please store your doll properly at your own responsibility.
*When you are away from home, we recommend to store your doll at sitting position.
*While you are in bed, please select a safe area to store your doll so that it does not fall on you or destroy something valuable.

●Privacy protection 4Woods is committing to respecting the privacy right of information from you.

●4woods are going to strictly manage any information from you besides using for your delivery.

Contact Person in charge: Okawa

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