FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Here are frequently asked questions from our customers. Please read before making an inquiry.

List of frequently asked questions


(1) How can I order? (2) How is the payment? (3) Product features


(4) How is the doll packaged for delivery? (5) Delivery Time? (6) What kind of extras comes with the doll?


(7) What kind of material has been used? (8) How about movable ranges? (9) What is the difference between the all-in-one vagina and the marriage hole vagina?

Life with dolls

(10) What if the doll needs to be repaired? (11) Maintenance? Can I give her a bath? (12) What about deterioration?

Other questions

(13) Can you make the “One-of-a-kind” model? (14) Do colors of outfit get transferred silicone body? (15) Is there a way to eliminate seams (lines) and small repair marks from manufacturing process even if it took a long time?

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(1) How can I order?

To order our dolls please send us your information at order page. Before you click the “Order form” page, please read NOTES on the mail order (e-commerce) law from our web site and then please send us following information:

2.Phone number
3.e-mail address
4.Home address

Once you submit, we will send you an order confirmation e-mail.

Although if you would like to order by telephone or FAX, please write or tell us your name, address, phone number.
We will contact you to confirm the order. Once we exceed the provided limited order of dolls, we may not take your order. If such is the case, please disregard it.

Once we receive your order confirmation, please make us the wire transfer within 10days. Although, if you have any concerns or questions please be free to ask by telephone, FAX or e-mail.


(2) How is the payment?

Since our products are made by handcraft, we only accept one time payment of wire transfer at the following bank.
Currently we are not taking any credit card and installment payment.
please wire transfer at:

EKODA BRANCH(Branch No.115)
SAVING 3123700
Name:KABUSIKIGAISYA 4woods(4woods Co.,Ltd)

Please ask me about the shipping-charge.


(3) Product features

4woods’ biggest selling point is you can custom order your ideal love doll just for yourself.
With a wide variety of body types, head types and other options, you will be curious and excited to create your own. Available options →

【Realistic designs】
4woods doll bodies are made with beautiful material with so much realistic details and designs.
They offer ideal sexy body lines and softer skin than any other dolls on the market that are perfect for love doll’s original purposes. Design details →

【Ultimate softness】
Our dolls offer ultimate softness; you will always want to feel her and hold her. You will never want to let her go. Softness details →

【Perfect for display and intimacy】
Our dolls are perfect for both display and intimacy purposes;
for those who likes to pursue dolls’ beauty and for those who like to enjoy intimacy, we are certain that our dolls can satisfy them both. Posing details →



(4) How is the doll packaged for delivery?

We securely pack our dolls in a 159cm X 60cm X 30cm sized double cardboard box. (A.I.doll EvolutionⅡ160×60×32cm・Sweetie92×48×32cm)
We carefully pack the doll and we have never had trouble with overseas shipping.
We also pack the doll carefully in case it is set temporarily upright during delivery such as in the elevator or through an entrance door (do not store the doll upright however!).
We offer you an original storage doll bag to store your doll for long term or temporarily to protect your doll by free of charge.


(5) Delivery Time?

You will receive the product between 1 to 2months after we confirm of your payment. Photos and process status will be sent you by e-mail until you receive the products. Once it will be ready to deliver we will send you an e-mail to confirm you the delivery date and shipping carrier will be DHL.


(6) What kind of extras comes with the doll?

When you purchase a doll following accessories are included;

Wig ( Hair Wig)
Washing kit
Hair brush
Repair kit
Instruction Handbook

We arrange all the extras so you can enjoy the doll right away, so you do not need prepare anything special to purchase a doll.
So you can enjoy and concentrate on other purchases such as clothing from the many internet sites that are suitable for love dolls.



(7) What kind of material has been used?

Main material of the body is high-quality silicone of our original blend. We use the framework of the respective company development to the framework, soft and durability frame work have been compatible. Doll breasts has been modified to softer and real touch, for more details check out the breast’s motion picture.


(8) How about movable ranges?

Please refer to margin illustration.

Body1 Body2 Body3 Body4 Body5
With respect to problem of ripping, the arm lifting horizontality isstandard. Also it is possible to exceed this range.if it is a short time change such as changing clothes, As for the elbow there is rally of silicon, but there is no problem bending rather, However the 15°will be the standard for opposite direction. There is no restriction in the framework of the foot, and we assume it is safe if it is inside of this range. As for the waist please restrict the 15°of front and back. The movable range of cross direction of the hand and foot please designates the figure as standard. While you are making chage of clothes or etc, please give an attention for ripping and try to finish as short as possibe When you keepa doll for long term , let a doll sit on the chair as close as prototype and the like in the attitude (upper figure), this way load is difficult to put on silicon, the wrinkle and the ripping can hold down.


(9) What is the difference between the all-in-one vagina and the marriage hole vagina?

The marriage hole can be removed and washed easily. It is very convenient. The marriage hole is made from a very durable high elastomer material.
The all-in-one type is very aesthetic. However, you cannot remove this (except for lip part of a vagina).
The outer lip is very delicate. Therefore, we recommend it being well lubricated with copious water based lubricant in order to reduce friction. If the lip part is split by friction, you’ll able to use spare lip parts and a lip repair kit which are enclosed with the DOLL.


Life with dolls

(10) What if the doll needs to be repaired?

The silicone of dolls is superior in durability, but if it is damaged or torn due to wrong handling or dropping/contact, use the repairing silicone provided.
The method is described in detail in the document enclosed in the package.
If the repair is not so easy to perform, you can send it for repair to us. Note; You will be charged for repair and shipping.


(11) Maintenance? Can I give her a bath?

If the body and other parts are unclean and when the contamination is light, clean with a wet towel (water recommend).
If it is a heavily contaminated, use detergent or body soap. It is also possible to wash her in a bath. However, the head and joint portions of the body top cannot below water. Which means we recommend you may put in the water as long as it is below the top body joint.


(12) What about deterioration? How durable is the silicone.

We achieved an original touch/feel through a compound developed by our own research. Our special testing proved that it is very durable without deterioration.
But unreasonable expansion/contraction or pressure should be avoided because it will cause of damage.


Other questions

(13) Can you make the “One-of-a-kind” model?

We offer many attractive options to our customers such as doll skin (body color), head type, make-up pattern so that you can create your favorite doll.
We recommend you to see our order from and galleries thoroughly and select not only our regular parts (eye color, make-up, color of nipple, size of nipple areola, vaginal type, wig type) but also other additional options such as pubic hair & color, nail chips for hands & feet, nail art, skeleton for fingers etc.


(14) Do colors of outfit get transferred (stain) silicone body?

Silicone surface which makes up dolls’ body is almost like a sponge when looked at macro level (you cannot see this with your naked eyes), and if color dye of outfits has poor quality or strong in colors, silicone surface might get stained. “It is not matter of which color stains” so it is bit tricky.
However, from our experience, we can say that strong colors such as black, red, purple have more chance of staining silicone.
* Outfits we sell as doll accessories have been already tested for this purpose. They do not have any problem with staining silicone. Areas that get easily stained are areas which receive more weight when a doll is sitting or laying down; back side of thighs, buttocks and back. If you really wish to wear dark colored outfits on your doll, we advise that you try out first on an unnoticeable spot such as back of doll’s head and see if the color gets stained. You can also put on nylon on your doll first and wear a questionable outfit. Most gentle material for silicone is soft cotton with light color. By selecting such material, you can also enjoy feeling doll’s skin over its outfit. This is a good factor to consider when living with your doll.


(15) Is there a way to eliminate seams (lines) and small repair marks from manufacturing process even if it took a long time? Can you make a doll which looks perfect at close range without any scratches or marks? This is the most important thing for me.

Of course we do our best to deliver a very beautiful looking doll to our customers. However, human body shape consists from many curved lines, and it requires a special technique to shape soft silicone into a life size doll. Therefore, if small scratches, marks and holes from manufacturing process bother you, we do not recommend you to purchase our doll.
Based on the idea that our dolls serve our customers as a cuddling companion, we believe that not only its design but its soft feel is a very important factor. We recommend our products to customers who understand this point and accept a few flaws of our dolls. Please consider your purchase with an understanding of product nature of handmade items.
Each body model is created as a replica of our master model. We cast silicone into a molding box and cure liquid silicone into solid object inside this mold. Therefore, when we take out a doll from a mold, we need to take it apart which leaves a slight a partition line on doll’s body.However, we are fully aware that our customers are not happy about this line. We keep this understanding in mind and make each doll precisely, and at finishing state we do our best to cut the excess silicone to remove the line so that it becomes almost noticeable. We do believe that our company is more dedicated to perfect this work and our dolls have the most beautiful body line than any other dolls. If you have a chance to compare our dolls to other company’s dolls, please pay attention to this area. This is one of the selling points by our company which is dedicated to deliver naturally beautiful dolls.

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