4woods offers a wide variety of options so that you can have the doll of your dream.
Our various options such as colors (body, nipples, vagina etc.), makeup styles, other options help create your ideal doll.
We offer you a joy in selecting and creating the doll of your dream. On this page, we explain about our available option.

Available options

Make up

Make up
For makeup styles, you can select from standard makeup (1 to 4 types), natural makeup, sexy makeup, glitter makeup and freckles. Makeup details →
You can also request for custom makeup with a photo of your favorite style.
Custom makeup details →


Eye color

Eye color
You can select from Dark brown, Light brown, Blue, Green and Gray.


Doll Skin

Doll Skin
For skin color, we offer four different 4woods original colors.
“Basic” is a color of healthy women. “White” is natural-looking light skin. “Pure” is very feminine and delicate skin. “Bronze” is a passionate tan color.


Size of Nipple Areola

Size of Nipple Areola
For “size of nipple areola”, you can select from three options, “Large” provocative and sexy, “Medium” regular and natural, or “Small” innocent and cute.


Color of Nipple

Color of Nipple
You can select “Color of Nipple” from the following nine colors; Our five standard colors “Dark Brown” dark pigment, “Basic” natural color, “Light Brown” well-blended with skin tone, “Pink” fresh and innocent looking, “Beige” nicely blended for fair skin tone.
Our three new colors: the color that looks like she was being stimulated right now. “Sexy Brown” “Sexy Light Brown” “Sexy Dark Brown”, and “Sexy Pink”


Genital Type

Genital Type
Genital type, an important part of dolls’ body. Genital type…
We put a lot of efforts to develop this part of dolls.
We offer two different types, “Built-in Type” and “Removable Type.”
Please read the description of both types and select the one that suits your needs.


Marriage Holes

Marriage Holes, 2 types included
There are two types of inserts you can choose from.
They are developed only for our dolls and feel fantastic.
You will also receive a free lubricant lotion with your doll.



We offer various styles of wigs. Available colors are natural style “brown”, elegant “black” and exciting “blond”.


Skeleton for Hands

Skeleton for Hands
You can create more “sensitive and attractive” expressions on your doll.


Nail Chip

Nail Chip & Nail Art(For hands)
We use specially cut nails which match the size of our doll’s fingers.
You can select from 18 different colors.
For those who want extra, we offer nail art option.
For customers who have more specific needs, we started to offer nail art.
There are three options in nail art; beautiful and gorgeous “Glitter Nails”, calm and classy “French Nail”, and energetic and cute “Colorful Nails”.


For feet

Nail chips & Nail Art(For feet)
Nail chips Not only for fingers, but you can select nails for your doll’s feet.
You can match the finger and the foot nails with the same color, or you can just have foot nails alone. There are 18 different colors to choose from.
For those who want extra, we offer nail art option.
You can select from two options, gorgeous and glamorous “Glitter Nails” and energetic and cut “Colorful Nails.”


Pubic Hair Implant

Pubic Hair Implant
Pubic hair is slowly implanted piece by piece and made into a beautiful design.
We offer five different shapes; “Rectangle” all hair is covered with a tiny panty, “V-shaped” most natural looking hair that goes along crotch line, “Winged V-shaped” hair widely spreads out side to side, “Hairy” wild looks and more hair volume than any other types, and “Slightly Thin” appealing hair volume gradation.


Soft Face Feature

Soft Face Feature
we added a option of “soft face feature” which offers a softer feel of dolls’ face.
You can enjoy the better feel of your favorite character by “pushing her cheek”, “squeezing her nose” and “touching her lips.”



Tongue (for limited head only)
We offer silicone tongue option for more realistic look.
This option is available for limited heads only; option will be displayed on order form.


Real Hole Cap

Real Hole Cap
An aesthetic hole cap which can be applied to your doll when she is being displayed in the room.
* This item is not intended for real sex.


Custom Makeup

4woods wishes to provide your ideal dolls that are created based on your taste and sensitivity.
Makeup drastically changes the impression of your doll.
We currently provide one to six differnt makeup styles for each head, but now we also offer an option of “custom makeup.”
You can send us a photo of your favorite makeup, and based on it we will try matching the makeup as closely as possible and make your own ideal doll.
You can also request for changes on our existing makeup style such as color change, more mature looking or more natural etc. Please feel free to tell us what you like.
We offer moles/beauty marks for free. Freckle makeup is additional 5,000JPY.

How to order Custom Makeup

Please select “custom makeup” in our order form. If you have a photo of the makeup, please specify so in the comment section.
After completing the order, you will receive our auto-reply email. Soon after, we will send you another confirmation email to ask more about your makeup style.
If you have a photo, please attach it with your reply. If you do not have a photo, please let us know the exact image of the makeup you want.

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