There are two unique body types for NaughtyDolls.
If you combine your favorite body style with various body options, its possibility is unlimited. Create your own special doll!


Our main material is 4woods original blend medical grade silicone. Once you feel doll’s skin, your finger sinks in just like “marshmallow.”
Check out how soft our silicone is. →
Our skeleton is designed and developed by our engineers to meet each body and size. Our skeleton offers flexible poses and durability.


Body characteristics & Details

Click an image to see each body’s characteristics and details. To compare body styles with one glance, click here.


Body type comparisons

We summarize each body specification and characteristics for easy comparison.

Body1 (A.I.doll EX) Body2 (A.I.doll S+)
ConceptStanding featureWide range of motion
Body Weight28kg26kg
Bust Measurement80cm77cm
Under Bust66cm64cm
Open legs90°150°
Suitable Pose for StoringStanding,Sitting,SleepingSitting,Sleeping
Ability to Open Legs
Ability to Close Legs
Breast Softness(Fine Feeling)〇(Soft)
Breast ImpressionGood size beautiful breastsPalm size, beautiful breasts
Breast SizeLargeNormal
Contact/Closeness with Missionary Position
Ability to Cross Legs
Sitting Pose
Sleeping Pose
Standing Pose
Joints TensionLower body harder (To maintain standing pose, need attention for moving joints. Please refer to the user manual.)Normal (Fairly easy to move)
Foot Size24 or 24.5cm24 or 24.5cm

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