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    A.I.doll Allure
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    Anna -Oral-
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A.I.doll Allure
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*If you would like to customize makeup, please choose "custom makeup" when selecting your makeup style. You will immediately receive our auto-reply e-mail, however, to give us the detailed of your requests, please answer to our second confirmation email which will be separately sent from 4woods staff. If you have a photo of a particular makeup you like, please attach it when replying to our second email.
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Black & Brown
Long Layered Cut Long Wave Straight Long Natural Long Natural Straight Center Comb Wave Medium Wave Medium Straight Long Bob Bob Curled Bob Short Bob Short
Natural Long Long Wave Straight Layered Short
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Skeleton for Hands 20,000JPY
*By having skeleton (wires) in hands, dolls can make more natural poses, however, please be aware that you need to be delicate when moving doll's fingers.
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Public Hairpiece 2,000JPY

Is the low price of the Public Hairpiece that does not adhere.
Public Hair Implant 25,000JPY Detail
Pubic Hair Implant is slowly implanted piece by piece and made into a beautiful design.
Choice style
*If you have original hair style to request, please send us sample photo, 4woods will take your request as much as possible. Please note there may be a additional fee.
*We will prepare black color of hair normally, however, you can also choose gold hair. If you wish gold hair, please tell us so in request column.
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Real Hole Cap 8,800JPY Detail
* This set includes 2 types of lip style which have different design.
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Nail Chip(For hands) 8,000JPY Detail[Nail Art] Detail[Nail Chip]
Choose Nail color
Choose Nail art
Choose Color of Nail
Choose Color of French Nails
Choose Color of Colourful Nails
Left hand

Right hand

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Nail Chips(For the feet) 8,000JPY Detail[Nail Art] Detail[Nail Chip]
Nail Art (For feet)
Choose Color of Glitter Nails
Choose Color of Colorful Nails
Left toe

Right toe
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Glitter Makeup 5,000JPY Detail
Glitter Color for Lips
Choose Glitter Color
Glitter Color for Eyes
Choose Glitter Color
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