Nail Art (For feet)

For those who want extra, we offer nail art option. You can select from two options, gorgeous and glamorous "Glitter Nails" and energetic and cut "Colorful Nails."

Glitter Nails

Colorful Nails
Nails with large glitter drops. There are six colors available, "pink, blue, Red, Purple , gold, and silver." You can apply 10 different colors on each nail or make different requests such as certain colors for particular fingers. Please choose colors for each finger from 18 colors.
*The color on this photo is Gold. *The colors in this image are Red, Rose berry, Yellow, Light blue and White.

* Please write your requesting nail color in "Comment and Request" box which is located at the bottom of order form. (For colorful nails, please specify what color combination on which finger you request.)