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Aug 10 , 2016

Elle & Hitomi's gallery released

Cute and innocent Lolita, "Elle" and endlessly provocative and sexy "Hitomi" We added new photos of these girls to the gallery.

Elle Special Summer Gallery -->
Hitomi Special Summer Gallery -->

Enjoy their erotic photos which make your summer even hotter!

Aug 05 , 2016

Sister brand "NaughtyDolls" Website Renewal

Thank you for your support in 4woods brand. Our sister brand "NaughtyDolls" has updated its website and now offering easy-to-look and easy-to-use contents.

*What has been updated*

Update 1. Website has a brand new design and it is much easier to look and use. We added more sexy and cute photos that have not been released before!

Update 2.

"I want my doll to look exactly like the one in gallery!" For these customers, we set up an one-click-order button which allows you to place an order with just one click.

Update 3.
How to take care of love dolls

We offer information not only for purchase but also for after-purchase. On this page you will find useful information on how to take care of your love doll.

Update 4. Available on smartphones and tablets
Now you can see all pages of "NaughtyDolls" website from smartphones and tablets.

Enjoy our new "NaughtyDolls" website!

Jul 15 , 2016

New head "Nina" debut!

Thank you for supporting 4woods always.

<New head debut>
Today we released our new face "Nina".
"Nina" has large sharp eyes like a cat. Her face shows playful and mischievous expressions. Her smile is like a little devil that confuses and seduces you... Enjoy being alone with her in the room and have her all to yourself!
Photo Gallery for Nina x Allure body -->

<New Option Available>
We added "Sexy Dark Brown" to our nipple color selection.
We made the base color of our current Sexy Brown (color which nipples are stimulated, gradation brown color) one shade darker.

Our popular model CC Body (limited version) will be still available for purchase. Please take advantage of it along with other body types.
We added new photos to the gallery. Nonoca x CC Body -->
Our popular Nonoca and Elle together. Elle x Nonoca -->

Take a look and enjoy their beautiful figures that are brighter than summer sunshine!

Apr 15 , 2016

New head "Sleeping Elle" Debut!

Thank you for always following 4woods. We are releasing a new head, "Sleeping Elle."

"Sleeping Elle" is a sleeping version of our very popular head Elle.
She is not just closing her eyes, but we also adjusted her open mouth to mach her facial expression. She is perfect for you to relax with during bed time.
Photo Gallery for Sleeping Elle x AIdoll S+ body -->
Photo Gallery for Sleeping Elle x AIdoll Allure body -->

Since our latest CC Body (limited version) has been very popular, we set up our production to continue manufacturing it. Please check out CC Body along with our other popular models.
Newly added photos for CC Body. Hitomi x CC Body -->

We also added more photos of Elle with other body types to the gallery.
Photo Gallery for Elle x AIdoll S+ body -->
Photo Gallery for Elle x AIdoll Allure body -->

Enjoy looking amazingly beautiful and sexy photos of these dolls!

Jan 04 , 2016

Happy New Year!!

Please continue supporting 4woods global group (4woods Japan, 4woods USA, Doll Story/ 4woods Europe, Fantasy Doll). We promise to do our best to meet your expectations!