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Nov 27 , 2015

Gallery update

We also added more photos of new face "Elle" into the "A.I.doll Allure" gallery.
Please check out new photos.

Gallery for A.I.doll Allure/ Elle - Enter here

Nov 20 , 2015

New face debut

Thank you for supporting 4woods always!

Our new face "Elle" made its debut. Elle has large round eyes with an innocent look which makes you want to hold her in your arms!

As for our latest body type "CC Body"(limited edition), we continue accepting new orders so we hope you will consider it along with our other models.
New CC Body detail page  -->

Combination of innocent looking Elle and voluptuous erotic body is so irresistible and jaw dropping! This existence itself is "bad and naughty."
Check out photos of Elle + CC Body -->
Find lovely innocent Elle with young body here.
Photos of Elle + NEO-J/im -->

"Asami" offers mischievous look and erotic lips. "Winking Asami" offers a playful look. Check out their new photos in our gallery.
New Asami photos -->
New Winking Asami photos -->

Let our hot 4woods girls make your winter hot and spicy!

Aug 12 , 2015

Dear Customers,

We thank you for your continuous support in 4woods group.
4woods Japan is going to be on summer vacation (traditional summer time-off in Japan "Obon") from August 13 to 17.
We will not be able to reply emails during this period. Our production team will continue working, however, to take care of our back orders.
As for North America region (USA, Canada and Mexico), 4woods USA will be in operation as usual.
Thank you for your understanding.


Jul 17 , 2015

We have a big announcement this summer!

We thank you for your support in our 4woods brand. We have a big announcement this summer!

  1. Super sexy new face "Asami" and "Winking Asami" debut!
    This head can be applied to our new body type, "CC Body" as well as AINEOim, AIdoll Allure, AIdoll S+, AIdoll EX and NEO-J/im.
    The best feature of this face is her sexy "tongue." This is the first face of 4woods with a tongue.
    *There are two types of tongue you can choose from. It can be removed as well.
    For limited time, we offer both of two sexy tongues for free to customers who order "Asami" or "Winking Asami" face.

    *You can enjoy "Asami" and "Winking Asami" with or without a tongue. Either way, both faces look sexy and cute.
    *This head is not suitable for oral sex.
    Photo Gallery (CC Body, new body type) -->
    Photo Gallery (AIdoll S+) -->

  2. Special body type for sale!! We are releasing "CC Body", our remarkable 10th body type featuring strong impact and charm!
    Since 2003, 4woods has released nine body type, AIdoll (our first body type), AIsisters, AIpeach, AINEO (currently AINEOim), AIdoll Evolution, NEO-J (currently NEO-J/im), AIdoll EX and AIdoll Allure. Currently, we offer six body types out of these models. For our 10th body type, based on our technology and expertise as well as our customers' feedback, we challenged and developed a unique body type which is beyond production limit.

    CC Body means a body style that is "Curvaceous" "Cute" and "Cherry" (like you want to put it into your mouth!) We had such ideas to develop this body.

    Life-size dolls have limitations to their body shapes due to the "mold" used in manufacturing or when considering the "manageability" of dolls. However, for development of CC Bdoy, we have overcome some of these manufacturing difficulties and succeeded in developing curves that are beyond the limitation of the usual manufacturing.

    CC Body has unimaginably enormous breasts, more than handful peach-like butt, voluptuous thighs, and sexy calves. She may have limited clothing option, but she is sure to satisfy customers' needs who prefer thick, curvaceous, and voluptuous bodies. She will surely make your private space hot and steamy in a second!

You can:
...gaze at her while having your favorite drink.
...spend time watching her.
...touch her any way you like.
...and she is yours...she is simply a package of great softness. Please experience with your whole body. Only the doll users will understand this blissful moment.

At this time, we will only take orders for the amount we can manufacture with our first "mold" for this curvaceous CC Body. We cannot also guarantee if we keep on making this body type since the mold making for this type is extremely difficult.
*CC Body can also stand against the wall just like AIdoll EX and AIdoll Allure. However, we do not recommend having her standing for a long time due to the body structure.

Full set price: JPY 730,000

Body Spec:
Height: 153 cm/ 5ft., Weight: 32kg/ 70lbs.
Bust: 94cm/ 37in, (under the bust: 65cm/ 26in), Waist: 61cm/24in, Hip: 91cm/36in

Please enjoy the ultimately provocative body in the special gallery.
Link to Gallery
(CC Body Gallery features "Asami" and "Winking Asami")
You can also check CC body with other head combination in below page.
Head-body balance page
*Please note that we are not offering the "soft-tummy" option for this CC Body type.

Click a right image, and, please enjoy the movie of CC Body.

Have you decided which girl you would like to spend time with?
We have no doubt that you will find the girl of your dreams in our lineup!!
Please support 4woods dolls and brand this summer too!

May 14 , 2015

As of May 14, there have been changes with 4woods makeup selection.

1. You can select "Freckle Makeup" for additional 5,000JPY. Please see the attached photo for the new makeup.
*This photo is Hitomi head, but the option can be applied to any heads.

Gallery for Freckle Makeup -->

2. As of May 14, since we received many requests, we added a gallery of "Lilica Special Makeup" and "Hatsuki Special Makeup." You can select these makeup as "Lilica Makeup 7" and "Hatsuki Makeup 5",

Gallery for Lilica Makeup 7 -->
Gallery for Hatsuki Makeup 5 -->

These girls are ready for the summer. Check out their hot images!

Mar 20 , 2015

New head debut & Gallery update

Our new face "Chisato" made her debut. We created her based on a concept "a mature sexiness that accepts all your needs and gently takes you in..." Her melancholic and naive face will gently release what you have been hiding inside.

Please enjoy Chisato's gallery
Gallery for A.I.doll Allure/ Chisato - Enter here
Gallery for A.I.NEOim/ Chisato - Enter here

We also added more photos of our top five characters into the gallery.
Please check out each character's new photos.

Gallery for A.I.NEOim/ Lilica - Enter here
Gallery for A.I.doll Allure/ Hatsuki - Enter here
Gallery for A.I.NEOim/ Yu-Ki - Enter here
Gallery for A.I.NEOim/ Elina - Enter here
Gallery for A.I.doll Allure/ Nonoca - Enter here

Enjoy shining beauty of these characters!