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Dec 26 , 2014

Dear customers,

The year 2014 was a great year! 4woods was able to complete our 13th year in business and is now about to start a new year. We greatly appreciate for your support.

In Japan, we also have a custom to send holiday cards for new year to friends and families. Now days, more people use emails, but there are still many people who send actual cards "Nengajo".

We created a new year post card of our popular character "Lilica" to show our appreciation to the customers. We hope you will enjoy this photo of Lilica in a sexy Japanese kimono.

We are also offering a free gift (the same costume Lilica is wearing in this photo) and 5% discount on a full doll set to the first five customers who place an order with us in the year 2015. Please do not miss this opportunity! This campaign is also applied to 4woods USA.

We hope that the new year of 2015 will be a wonderful year for everyone. Thank you!

Nov 14 , 2014

New Head Debut "Sonia"

In winter 2014, 4woods has released a new face, "Sonia."
Sonia was designed after an "Erotic Venus" who has a sharp and beautiful face line, cool and calm eyes, and very sensual thick lips.

She can change her appearance dramatically based on scenes; she can look wild like an animal, she can look so classy like a lady, she can look naughty like a call girl... Check out Sonia's stunning photos in our gallery!

Gallery for AIdoll Allure, Sonia

Aug 20 , 2014

Dear customers,

We thank you for your contious support for 4woods group.
Currently there have been many inquiries from our customers, and we have been taking a long time to respond to some of the inquires. We apologize for causing this problem.

For customers in the U.S., Canda and Mexico, please contact us at the following email address.

It will be very helpful if you could inform us in your email which country you reside. This will help us prepare our answers much easier. We will try to settle this delay in about one week from now. Normally we try to respond to all emails within three business days.

We appreciate for your understanding.

Jul 18 , 2014

Our sister website, "Naughty Dolls" updated

We now have a new face "Lunah" for our sister website Naughty Dolls.

Enter "Naughty Dolls" here -->

Please continue checking out "Naughty Dolls" and "4woods" this summer as well!!

Jul 11 , 2014

We have added new photos to A.I.doll Allure gallery and New Face Debut!

"AIdoll Allure" and "Mitsuki", our newly released HOT body in May.
We are now adding sleeping version of popular "Mitsuki" face. "Sleeping Mitsuki"
Big breasts, mature body with an "enticing sleeping face", which softly relaxes you but yet turns you on...!

We did a photo shoot of five popular characters which match with AIdoll Allure body so that you can see new beauties of these charaters. We uploaded more photos to fill our gallery of AIdoll Allure. Please check them out with your own eyes.

We added photos of "Sleeping Mitsuki", "Mitsuki (New makeup, sexy makeup & new makeup for tanned skin), "Lilica", "Hatsuki", "Elina", "Sarina" and "Yuki".
You can also enjoy seeing them in our popular skin color, "Pure Skin."

Enter the gallery here -->

Keep checking HOT 4woods product this summer!!

May 01 , 2014

6th new personality, large breast "AIdoll Allure" debut!!

Our new body "AIdoll Allre" and new head "Mitsuki" made their debut. AIdoll Allure is designed to have beautiful large yet natural ideal breasts. For those who like breasts, it is 4woods' signature model.

"Breasts" are the area that is touched most in doll's body. This is an attractive spot any man feel most feminine in female body. We created AIdoll Allure to satisfy men's instinct in terms of "large breasts". They offer perfect shape, size, gap in between and naturalness. The model achieved ultimate feel and durability by applying our technology.

We put together these features and released the highest end model "AIdoll Allure" our 6th body model.

To make a perfect match with such model, we also debute "Mitsuki" who has very sexy lips.

None of 6 boddy types is more superior than others. We make all of our models with our most advanced technology. Each type offers different charms and features.

To see combination of Mitsuki and AIdoll Allure, click here. -->
To see details of AIdoll Allure, click here. -->

Apr 18 , 2014

Amazing Deal!!

4woods USA Open To continue celebrating our new office, 4woods USA is now offering the second sales campaign with another amazing deal!

Opening Campaign No. 2!

Apr 01 , 2014

4woods USA Open!

4woods USA Open Dear our customers in North America region

4woods has been developing, manufacturing and selling life-size silicone dolls in Japan since 2002. We are now opening our own office in the U.S. (San Diego, CA) in order to better serve our customers in the region.

4Woods USA Office Information

Mar 31 , 2014


We are going to make an exciting announcement tomorrow. Please be sure to check it out!

Feb 05 , 2014

Special Gallery

Special Gallery Special GalleryWe uploaded photos of our popular character "Sarina" known for her mature beauty.
In these photos, she has special makeup and makes provocative, hot and sexy poses.
Enjoy these sexy shots that make your body hot!

Please enter gallery here→