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If so, please check spam mail box would be sincerely appriciated.

Also, if you do not receive answer from 4woods please re-send from different e-mail address.

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Dec 27 , 2013

4woods schedule for New Year

4woods sales office will be closed from Sunday, December 29 to Friday, January 3 for New Year vacation. (No emails)
*During this period, we are still accepting orders in the following URL. We will resume our operation on January 6.

Our production will be working without days off by rotating shifts. For those customers who are waiting, thank you for your understanding.
All of our staff including myself wish everyone a wonderful new year.
Please check our ongoing sale promotion as well.

4woods CEO
Hiroo Okawa

Dec 20 , 2013

Christmas and New Year Sales Campaign!!

If you ordered a full body set of any of our five models during this period (Christmas and New Year), 4woods offers you a special price.
This campaign is valid as long as you place your order during this period and complete your full payment by the end of January. Don't miss out this great opportunity which is available every six months!

AIdoll EX (Full Set) Regular Price 680,000JPY → Discount ended.
AIdoll Evolution (Full Set) Regular Price 660,000JPY → Discount ended.
AINEOim (Full Set) Regular Price 680,000JPY → Discount ended.
AIdoll S+ (Full Set) Regular Price 680,000JPY → Discount ended.
NEO-J/im (Full Set) Regular Price 650,000JPY → Discount ended.

2) We offer all options **% off! Discount ended.

3) Shipping cost **% off Discount ended.

4) If you order one additional head to a full body set, we offer the head for Discount ended.

5) Additional Bonus:
Discount ended.

Please don't miss out this big chance!!

Dec 09 , 2013

We have released new sexy videos.

"Sayo -drowzy-" Our sexiest character which debuted last month.
We released her very sexy video which allows you enjoy her even more! Please enjoy this hot video.

"Sayo -drowzy-" Sexy video Here-->

"Hitomi" Sexy video Here-->

Starting from December, we have an additional doll accessory lineup. You can purchase doll accessory only so please take a look.

Nov 18 , 2013

Website update : Release of two new faces "Sayo" and "Sayo-drowsy"

We released new faces "Sayo" and "Sayo -drowsy-".
"Sayo" has attractive facial expressions that are innocent yet mature at the same time. Her lips are very sexy.
"Sayo -drowsy-" is the same "Sayo" face but showing expressions when she feels like melting and has completely lost her control in the time she spends with you.
Both "Sayo" allure you with different charms and make you crazy...
We shot photos of Sayo with A.I.doll EX body and AINEOim for our gallery. Please check them out!

Sayo A.I.doll EX Gallery - Enter here.
Sayo-drowsy- A.I.doll EX Gallery - Enter here.
Sayo AINEOim Gallery -Enter here.

You can find your dream girl in 4woods' wide variety of product lineup! You can't keep your eyes off 4woods this winter!
Don't miss it!!

Aug 13 , 2013


Our company is going to take a summer vacation from August 14 to August 19. Please be advised that during this period, we may not be able to reply to your emails or order promptly.

For those customers who placed an order with us, please rest assured that we will continue our production during our summer vacation.

Please give 4woods Japan your continuous support. Thank you.

4woods CEO: Hiroo Okawa

Jul 17 , 2013

Our message to overseas customers for releasing A.I.doll EX & Summer discounts specially.

This is the 12th year for 4woods Japan since we started developing, manufacturing and selling life-size silicone dolls. Thanks to our customers, even from a far country, who purchased our dolls and gave us support and opinions, we were able to achieve this success. We greatly appreciate you from the bottom of our heart.

So far, we released 10 body series, and if we included the series which were never released, we developed quite a few series. As for characters (heads), we developed over 40 characters.

A.I.doll EXWe tried to think really hard about what life-size silicone dolls (love dolls) can provide our customers and tried to create dolls that are worth more than its price through trial and error. Our new A.I.doll Ex is the result of our numerous trials.We are aware that customers' ideal life-size silicone dolls (Love Dolls) can stand up and sit beautifully, and looks sexy even laid down. They can make adorable poses which makes you want to hold her and simulate various poses for sex easily but also durable at the same time. They should have a silky and soft skin like human which you want to feel forever. We are well aware of it.

However, unfortunately we have not been able to achieve this level yet after 10 years.

Our customer target for A.I.doll Ex is those who would like to enjoy watching her and taking photos of her rather than just having sex with Love Dolls.

Therefore, movable range of this doll is smaller than our other models. Perhaps, this may be the most difficult doll to handle in all of our models. That is why we imagine that you would pour more love for her.

This is exactly "a life-size figure with soft skin."

In other words, you would want to watch her beauty at the same time you enjoy tasty drinks and spend a special moment with her. She is someone who is has unique beauty only to you and makes you want to take photos and capture her beauty. We hope you will understand that A.I.doll Ex is a more advanced model than ever in these areas.

We understand that each customer has his own way to find the value of Love Dolls, and we currently offer 6 different body types. (AIpeach New Edition will be discontinued in October, 2013.) We hope you understand that we developed each doll with different concepts and emotions. Whether you have her as your lover in your heart, precious family member or someone you want to protect, it will be a great pleasure for us if you could find a "special value" in her.

"Howe to make lovely poses" in our online gallery, we explain more in detail in our use manual.

* Please be advised that it impossible to create poses that are far from the poses we introduce in our gallery.

* Now we offer increased number of body types (6 types), for your reference we created a comparison chart which lists features of each type.

I hope this will help you find a perfect doll in which you can find a "special value."
--> http://aidoll.4woods.jp/en/detail/body-cmp.html


Summer discounts specially!!

For a release of AIdoll EX, we also offer price discount for other body types if you place an order between July 17 and August 31. Please see the following.


AIdoll EX (Full Set, price does not include options and shipping) Regular Price 680,000JPY →  Discount ended.
AIdoll Evolution (Full Set, price does not include options and shipping) Regular Price 660,000JPY →  Discount ended.
AINEOim (Full Set, price does not include options and shipping) Regular Price 680,000JPY →  Discount ended.
AIdoll S+ (Full Set, price does not include options and shipping) Regular Price 680,000JPY →  Discount ended.
NEO-J/im (Full Set, price does not include options and shipping) Regular Price 650,000JPY →  Discount ended.
AIpeach New Edition (Full Set, price does not include options) Regular Price 650,000JPY →  Discount ended.


* When you enter ordering form, it will display regular price. Automatic reply after the order will also display regular price. However, within 2 to 3 days you will receive an email from Hiroo Okawa, president of 4woods with properly discounted price including shipping cost to your country.

We also uploaded a video for Soft Head Feature. --> http://aidoll.4woods.jp/en/movie/index.html#softface

Please don't miss this opportunity!!

For customers in Europe, please continue contacting Doll Story (4woods Europe.)
For customers in the Oceania region, please continue contacting Fantasy Doll.

4woods Japan C.E.O. HIROO OKAWA

Jul 09 , 2013

Update on AIdoll EX Gallery (Lissa) . End of sale/ AIpeach New Edition in October, 2013

Today we open a gallery for our new body type "AIdoll EX" in which we show photos of a combination with our new character, "Lissa." Please check out our attractive new body and face here. (We offer three types of makeup.)
* We will also add new photos of AIdoll EX with our popular characters, "Hitomi, Hikaru, Michelle and Nonoca."

Our beloved "AIpeach New Edition" since 2009 will be discontinued in October 2013. At the same time we will also end sale of matching heads, "Akari" "Kaon" "Kurumi" "Yurio" "Neu" and "Alley."

Currently we are working on our website to incorporate Ordering From for AIdoll EX. We should complete the upgrade including gallery, ordering form, new options (soft face feature) by July 17.

In order to show our appreciation, we are going to offer a special price for AIpeach New Edition when purchased as a full set (body and head).

We apologize for the wait. Thank you for your understanding.

Jul 05 , 2013

New body type & faces debut!

Today we are releasing our new body type "A.I.doll EX" and new Character "Lissa" .
Please see the "A.I.doll EX" details here.-->
Please wait for Lissa's gallery a little more.

Mar 22 , 2013

New Option and New Character, "Hitomi" Debut!

We released a new character, "Hitomi". Please see her sexy mouth and eyes in our photo gallery.
Hitomi - A.I.NEOim body gallery, click here here. -->
Hitomi - S+ body gallery, click here here. -->

We added two new optional makeup styles, "Glitter Makeup" and "Sexy Makeup."
"Glitter Makeup" is a type of makeup which makes dolls look gorgeous by using shiny glitter powder.
"Sexy Makeup" is a type of makeup which is hot and erotic. It makes you think about being intimate with her.
You can find the detail of these makeup styles in our special makeup pages.
Glitter makeup, click here here. -->
Sexy makeup, click here here. -->

Feb 15 , 2013

Manami was featured on Cover Doll's monthly cover!!

AIdoll S+ Manami appeared on the top of Cover Doll, February issue. Please take a look at very lovely and beautiful photos of Manami. It almost seems that these girls who left our place are treated so well and even more advanced than we can imagine.
This is a pure pleasure to us as a manufacturer. Thank you!

Here is the link to Cover Doll. 

Jan 04 , 2013

Happy New Year!!

Please continue supporting 4woods global group (4woods Japan, Doll Story/ 4woods Europe, Fantasy Doll). We promise to do our best to meet your expectations!