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Nov 22 , 2012

“Yurica” debut!!


  1. Our new face "Yurica" will make her debut. She is compatible with AIdoll S+ body, and there are three make-up styles,No. 1 to No. 3, available for her. We took photos of each style and posted them in the gallery. Please check out her beauty here! -->
    Addition to AIdoll S+ body, "Yurica" is compatible with AINEOim, NEO-J/im and AIpeach Edition. Please welcome "Yurica", our addition to the current 4woods lineup.
  2. We added photos of "AIdoll S+ body, Elina" with new makeup No.6 and "AIdoll S+ body, Hatsuki" with makeup No.4 to our existing gallery. Please check their beauty with your own eyes. Access the gallery from here. -->
  3. We modified a part of body and head combination chart on our Detail page.
  4. For nail art, two additional options "Glitter Nail" and "Colorful Nail" are available for pedicure. **"French Nail" is not available for pedicure.
  5. We now offer an additional design, "Slightly Thin", for pubic hair option.
  6. We added a new wig "Short Layered Brown" and "Short Layered Black".  They are available with a purchase of full body or head as well as an individual purchase.
Sep 13 , 2012

Dear overseas customers,

From September 13 to September 20, all the staff at 4woods Japan will take a vacation leave. Please kindly be advised that our email correspondence will be slow during this period. Thank you for your understanding.

Jul 11 , 2012

“Manami” debut!!

We have released the photos of “Manami”
Please see the photo gallery⇒

Jul 06 , 2012

New body type & faces debut!

Today we are releasing our new body type "A.I.doll S+ (Plus)."
This body type was developed based on a concept "Slender yet feminine and sexy." It will be a great addition to our existing 4woods line-up. Please see the details here.-->

Along with a debut of "A.I.doll S+ (Plus)," we are also releasing our new faces "Michelle" and "Manami." Today we are opening Michelle's images in the gallery so please take a look. Here's the link to the gallery. -->

As some of you might have already noticed, we renewed the design of our website. The new website offers a better design with new page structure, items etc. which help you understand better about 4woods. We hope that you will enjoy our new design.

We are also planning to add a new gallery for "Manami" on Wednesday, July 11. Please look forward to it!! You cannot keep your eyes off 4woods this summer too!!

Mar 30 , 2012

"NEO-J/im" New Body and New Character, "Hikaru" Debut!

bnr-im_detail_e.jpgToday, we released our new body version "NEO-J/im" and new character "Hikaru". "NEO-J" model, our long-time seller since 2006, has been renewed as "im" version with more appeals. We kept the same concept of its image as an immature girl, and we applied our latest technologies into detailed parts of the body, such as finger tips, toes, etc. where only you can get close and discover its perfection. We are sure that our new NEO-J/im will take your breath away. --> See more

For our regular NEO-J characters, a new spring-like, kind and lovely character, "Hikaru" will be added to the line. Her soft smile will surely fill a gap in your heart and give you an eternal peace. Please see her beautiful images in our gallery. --> Click here

Along with a debut of NEO-J/im body, two new make-up styles have become available for our popular character "Coron". We also prepared galleries for Haruhi, Nonoka, Hatsuki, Lilica and sleeping Lilica with NEO-J/im body. To see these new beautiful images, --> Click here.

Starting from today, we will be giving away a super lovely outfit for NEO-J/im for those customers who place an order for NEO-J/im. Promotion will last until end of May, 2012. Don't miss this opportunity!!