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Dec 31 , 2011

The last message in 2011

We thank you for all your continuous support this year. We only have one more day left this year. 2011 was a busy year for 4woods with full of news. We are glad that we were able to achieve two large objectives; a significant product improvement by introducing a new type of silicone and launching a new manufacturing facility in overseas. Thanks to all of our customers and supporters, we were able to achieve these goals. We will continue doing our best to grow further next year. Please continue your support in us, 4woods group. We wish you a wonderful & happy year for 2012. Thank you very much.

Dec 02 , 2011

New 4woods official sales agent

Fantasy Doll "Fantasy Doll" is our new official sales agent in Oceania region.
4woods now has a partnership with them so that customers in Oceania region can purchase our dolls safely. Please visit their website. http://www.fantasydoll.com.au

Nov 26 , 2011

A big movement at 4woods' tenth year!! Launch of 4woods Europe!!

This year, 4woods makes its 10th anniversary since we started designing, developing, manufacturing and selling our life-size silicone dolls in 2002.
We were able to continue our business thanks to so many people…
Our customers, people who supported us and gave us their opinions, those who announce and communicate our information online, artists/photographers who take wonderful photos, writers and editors who introduce our products on their TV shows and magazines, friends in the same field who encourage and influence each other, affiliated companies, company staff who worked for the company and great friends and family…
We want to take this opportunity to say "thank you very much from bottom our heart."

4woods Europe In our tenth year, as a new start, we established a new overseas manufacturing facility "4woods Europe" with our business partner in France "Doll Story" who has been our alliance since 2006. By establishing "4woods Europe", we hope to become much closer to customers outside Japan.

"4woods Europe" is born!
With a motto of "closer and better service" for our overseas customers, we established a new manufacturing facility in France in December 2011 with "Doll Story" our partner in France.
Based on our alliance and trustful business relationship since 2006, we have been preparing to launch a new manufacturing facility for the past eight months in order to improve our customer service.
We are proud to release this big news today.

By launching 4woods Europe, there will be following synergy effects for our customers.

- We steadily provide better products to our customers and collect ideas and advantages of both Eastern and Western cultures.

- By having a manufacturing facility close to our customers, we will provide more reliable aftercare to our customers.

- We alleviate disadvantageous currency fluctuation (¥) for our customers.

Dolls manufactured at "4woods Europe"will be handled by a skilled Japanese staff who is sent from 4woods with company's technology, quality and mind as well as French staff who received enough training and experience in Japan.
From December 2011, 4woods Europe will start manufacturing our popular model "AINEOim."

Along with start of production, we will have a special campaing. (until December 31th, 2011)

* For customers in Europe, Doll Story will remain as a sales contact. You can purchase AINEOim manufactured at 4woods Europe. You can order AIdoll Evolution, AIpeach New Edition and NEO-J to Doll Story as well. For customers in Europe * For customers in North America (USA and Canada), please order from this page.
Please make your selection on our ordering form and send it to us.
For customers who purchase AINEOim series, a special campaign for 4woods Europe is applied, and it can be purchased at specially discounted price.
For customers in North America 4woods Japan will safely provide dolls to customers in Asia in the future as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We will also take detailed requests. Please do not miss this opportunity!!

4woods group will expand its business globally and continue to create valuable and beautiful dolls that heat your heart!
* A new sales agent in Australia will join 4woods group in the near future.

4woods Japan C.E.O. HIROO OKAWA
Nov 11 , 2011

New character "Sarina" debut!! New make-up patterns for "Nonoca"; the page has been updated in the gallery!!

We release a new character "Sarina" today.

Our design concept for "Sarina" was to express "Mysterious and daring adult sex appeal", "A presence which pulls you closer" and "Your heart beats faster just by getting close to her." Once you get close to her, you will feel her "magnetic-soft skin" and "sensual temptation." Your forgotten passion will be aroused, and you will be feeling "ultimate passion" that makes you want to continue feeling her. That is why she was created. * Sarina can be attached to all four body types.

We also added new make-up styles for "Nonoca" which made its debut in this summer. We updated their photos on the gallery today. Please see their beautiful face and body with your own eyes! Here'

Our latest technology "Special Skin" which was introduced in the movie page will be offered to all the customers without any additional cost if ordered by December 31st, 2011. Don't miss this opportunity!

Nov 02 , 2011

New movies and character debut!!

We are going to upload a movie of our new silicone this weekend, November 5th. You will see the amazing feel of our new silicone using the most advanced technology.
We will also release the information of our new characters in the following week. Please look forward to these exciting updates from 4woods!!

Aug 06 , 2011

Summer is here! Special Gallery Updated

Today, we opened our special gallery for our popular characters (ELINA/HATSUKI/LILICA).
This is our summer gift for you, their sexy bathing suit photos. Please enjoy their photos by imagining "they are right next to you."
Enter Special Gallery

Jul 12 , 2011

New character, “Nonoca” debut!!

We have released the photos of “Nonoca”, our new character in eight months, with a combination of AINEOim and NEO-J body.

 Please take a look at her with your own eyes.

 *Available body types for Nonoca are AINEOim, AIpeach New Edition, and NEO-J.


“Nonoca” is a new type of character we have never had before and was designed based on an image of “soft and beautiful face line and gentle smile with innocent and lily allure.”


 She makes you want to get close to her and hold her tight. You heart feels excited but bit controlling and protective for her. That is our development concept for Nonoca.


With AINEOim body, her innocent face seems almost unbalanced but very cute, and with AIpeach New Edition and NEO-J body, she looks sexy like a fresh fruit. Her allure will completely fill up your room.

 Please see the photo gallery⇒

We have added a new doll accessory item “panty” to our selection.

Please take a look.  Here ⇒

Jul 09 , 2011

New Face 『Nonoca』!

Coming soon.

Apr 09 , 2011

We have added new photos to A.I.NEOim gallery.

Photo gallery updated!!
Today we uploaded new attractive photos of our popular characters with AINEOim body, "Yu-ki", "Haruhi", "Natsuki" and "Kunika." *For "Kunika" we added two new makeup styles. Please enjoy the photo gallery of our latest model "AINEOim" which made its debut in November 2010 and use them as reference for your purchase.

New Options!! "Soft Stomach Feature"
There are many customers who value doll's softness when they consider purchasing it. We have been providing very soft "breasts" which are difficult to achieve technologically. We believe that our company offers the best feel/softness in the industry.
As of April 2011, using our advance technology, we added a new option of "Soft Stomach Feature" for all our four body types. Not only "breasts", the area customers touch most, you can now select a soft stomach and enjoy the realistic feel of doll body. *Optional price: 30,000yen.

More accessories are available for your doll!
We have added "glasses" and "high-heels" to our popular "doll accessories" lineup. You must have these items to enjoy your doll for all she has to offer!

Mar 12 , 2011

Important Notice

Yesterday (March 11th) the northeastern part of Japan including Tokyo was struck by a large earthquake. There has been a significant amount of damage in the area close to the epicenter. We have received a number of emails from our friends overseas (customers) who are concerned about our safety after hearing the news. We thank you very much for your kind thoughts.

In Tokyo and Saitama area, where our company is located, we felt a large tremor too, however, fortunately we are all safe. Our company structure had no damage, and we confirmed the safety of all our staffs' family as well. Currently we are trying to find a way to help the victims in our own country as a company and also as an individual. On the other hand, we promise to all our customers that we will resume our normal business operations without causing any problems.

Again, thank you very much for your support and prayer. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our current condition.


4woods C.E.O HIROO OKAWA & 4woods STUFF
Jan 05 , 2011

Happy New Year!

We hope to receive your continuous support this year as well. We announce to all our customers that this year we will remain a trusted company which cares for customers' needs and creates dolls to be loved by many customers. We will always cherish our customers' trust which we gained throughout our operations. That is our company motto. Please continue following 4woods' latest news and products. We sincerely wish a wonderful year of 2011 to all of you who visit our website.