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When 4woods recieves question or order by e-mail from over sea customers, we promise to response within 2 to 3days.

If you do not receive response from us more than 3days, there may be a reasons that you were not able to receive reply e-mail from us.

If so, please check spam mail box would be sincerely appriciated.

Also, if you do not receive answer from 4woods please re-send from different e-mail address.

If you set up as high security it could be a reason to not receive your e-mail especially from overseas.

Your question and orders are very important for us as customer service.

In the same time 4woods promises that 4woods offers good service for our valuable customer.

Thank you and Regards.

On this page, we are exhibiting the photos of 4woods dolls taken by professional photographers who know how to maxmize our dolls' attractions and beauty by using their sensitivity and technology.
Please take a look at these talented photographers' work in our "Exclusive Gallery".

Stacy Leigh Exclusive Gallery

Stacy Leigh, who resides in US east coast, has been attracting many people with her doll photos. She rearranged 4woods dolls more attractive and took amazing photos of them.
Please enjoy her very glamorous and sensual photos in this gallery.

A.I.doll Evolution Elina A.I.doll Evolution Mia A.I.doll Evolution Elina&Mia A.I.NEO Natsuki

A.I.NEO Naomi

MON Exclusive Gallery

A Japanese photographer "Mon" took gently erotic photos of our 4woods dolls that look so alive that you can almost hear them breathing and makes you want to touch them. We carefully selected from many of his photos and exhibiting them in this gallery.

A.I.doll Evolution Yu-ki A.I.Peach/A.I.doll Evolution Lilica A.I.doll Evolution Haruhi A.I.doll Evolution Natsuki A.I.doll Evolution Kunika

Gabriele Corni Exclusive Gallery

"Dolls are the reflections of people's desire on the other side." by Gabriele Corni.
This is Gabriele Corni 's work in which he combined an image of a life-size doll and a real woman's body. The theme is being inorganic but at the same time the alive body being "useable", a beautiful Geisha that is perfect, yearnig, quiet and shy.
Please take a look at his work created by great technologies and international views.

NEO-J Yurio & Naomi

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