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Detail   > Makeup

Head (face) is an important factor to create doll's impression to users. We develop and manufacture our dolls with a solid idea of "creating dolls close to desired images" for our customers. Doll's make-up is different from one for human. It is an important manufacturing process in which we apply its desired personality to doll's head (face). We offer variety of make-up styles and do our best to meet our customers' requests so that she can be painted by your color. That is 4Woods' policy.

Original Make-up

Once we receive orders from our customers, our makeup artists apply makeup on each doll one by one with their hands. That is why we are able to accept customized makeup request such as specific color, style or changes. Of course, each character offers existing 1 to 6 makeup styles so please check them out in our gallery. Based on these styles, customers can expand their images too. *Photo images in the gallery indicate characters' name and makeup style so please refer them when placing an order.

Custom makeup

4woods wishes to provide your ideal dolls that are created based on your taste and sensitivity.

Makeup drastically changes the impression of your doll.

We currently provide one to six differnt makeup styles for each head, but now we also offer an option of "custom makeup." You can send us a photo of your favorite makeup, and based on it we will try matching the makeup as closely as possible and make your own ideal doll.

You can also request for changes on our existing makeup style such as color change, more mature looking or more natural etc. Please feel free to tell us what you like.

We offer moles/beauty marks for free. Freckle makeup is additional 5,000JPY.

makeup example

Custom makeup How to Order

Please select "custom makeup" in our order form. If you have a photo of the makeup, please specify so in the comment section.

After completing the order, you will receive our auto-reply email. Soon after, we will send you another confirmation email to ask more about your makeup style.

If you have a photo, please attach it with your reply. If you do not have a photo, please let us know the exact image of the makeup you want.

Glitter Make-up

Glitter makeup is a type of makeup which shines and glows (shiny powder) to make dolls look attractive. This light is like a starts in the sky or sparkly sweat on hot skin which makes you forget about your daily life and gives you gorgeous and passionate time. You can select color and position for each part, such as eye and mouth, and the doll has its own glow just for you. This feature can be combined with custom makeup so please let us know if you have specific requests.

Sexy Make-up

Her heated cheek that makes you think about hot body, her erotic lips with different shades, her teary eyes which want to tell you how she feels, nostalgic looking eyebrows… We apply arousing colors on areas with thin skin. When you look closer at your dolls, you would feel more love for her, and she will be loved by you forever. That is the concept of our "Sexy Makeup."

Natural Make-up

Natural makeup is a type of makeup which brings out the natural beauty of each character. You can enjoy her own natural look and feature in the simplest way. Just because it is "natural makeup", it does not mean that we simply put light color on dolls' skin. In order to bring out each characters' natural facial expression and uniqueness, we apply three colors on eyes, three colors for lips and three colors on facial skin (total 9 colors). We finely apply these colors so that your doll can give you lovely healing facial expressions. That is the concept of "Natural Makeup."

Freckle Make-up

Freckle Makeup makes dolls look not only more realistic but also younger, cuter and more innocent. With a variety of makeup options, create your own unique and lovely doll.

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